When Dreams Become Nightmares – Dreams Beds PLC

A salutary warning to you all. A faceless PLC who’s name rhymes with Seems, seems to be selling dodgy beds.

I can’t tell who they really are for legal reasons, but they sold my fiance a single bed last year. this bed lasted 6 months before all the springs started coming through the mattress.

Get it replaced? What do you think?

Even when it is in breach of the sales of goods act 1979  The company that I cannot mention (rhymes with Seems) when asked for a replacement or a refund of the £79 they said to my fiance that she should not expect a single mattress to last more than 9 months. To get a Dreams, sorry, Seems, mattress to last more than 6 months you have to pay about £400.

They were very kind though, they offered her that if she were to give them £200 they would supply a replacement mattress and deduct from it the £79.

They even had the cheek to say that they were, I and I quote “Dreams are under no legal requirement or obligation to refund on a product that was delivered over 9 months ago” An assertion that my solicitor states that is blatantly untrue, as it in not in align with the sale of goods act 1979

Their representative Ms Donna Reynolds ‘’ might like to look the the legislation.

If you want to make your Christmas dreams turn into nightmares then go no further than to buy a bed from them.

I shall be on behalf of my fiance be taking them to court in the small claims court. It will cost me £25, but it is worth it for the satisfaction of seeing a one of the ‘BIG BIG’ boys being prosecuted.

Watch this space, they will try to silence me either with threats or hush money. As my solicitor said, it is worrying that a PLC should find it hard to refund such a small amount as £79, I personally would not buy from a company is such a dire financial state.

This will also be going to the Daily Mail tomorrow – fact.

Donna and Helen, Nick Worthington, I have copies of all emails and letters regarding this. Have a happy new year. See you in court, Caveat emptor.


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