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When Dreams Become Nightmares – Dreams Beds PLC

A salutary warning to you all. A faceless PLC who’s name rhymes with Seems, ‘seems’ to be selling dodgy beds.

I can’t tell who they really are for legal reasons, but they sold my fiance a single bed last year. this bed lasted 6 months before all the springs started coming through the mattress.

Get it replaced? What do you think?

Even when it is in breach of the sales of goods act 1979  The company that I cannot mention (rhymes with Seems) when asked for a replacement or a refund of the £79 they said to my fiance that she should not expect a single mattress to last more than 9 months. To get a Dreams, sorry, Seems, mattress to last more than 6 months you have to pay about £400.

They were very kind though, they offered her that if she were to give them £200 they would supply a replacement mattress and deduct from it the £79.

They even had the cheek to say that they were, I and I quote “Dreams are under no legal requirement or obligation to refund on a product that was delivered over 9 months ago” An assertion that my solicitor states that is blatantly untrue, as it in not in align with the sale of goods act 1979

Their representative Ms Donna Reynolds ‘’ might like to look the the legislation.

If you want to make your Christmas dreams turn into nightmares then go no further than to buy a bed from them., only joking, I am sure that this is the only complaint that Dreams has ever had, or failed to deal with.

Dreams make their own beds and recycle beds ( ) she probably got a recycled one. Sic.

I shall be on behalf of my fiance be taking them to court in the small claims court. It will cost me £25, but it is worth it for the satisfaction of seeing a one of the ‘BIG BIG’ boys being prosecuted.

Watch this space, they will try to silence me either with threats or hush money. As my solicitor said, it is worrying that a PLC should find it hard to refund such a small amount as £79, I personally would not buy from a company is such a dire financial state, but that is my choice not yours.

This will also be going to the Daily Mail tomorrow – fact.

Donna, Helen and Nick Worthington, I have copies of all emails and letters regarding this. Have a happy new year. See you in court, Caveat emptor.

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Sharing Bookmarks between Ubuntu and a Nexus 7

I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t let go when I go to bed. Now, no mucky comments Keith.

I want to carry on browsing and watching my YouTube favourites on my Nexus 7 in bed, where I’m nice and warm and cosy. So I looked for a solution for having the same links on my tablet as my PC. Here is my solution.

I looked at Pocket, which works great on the Nexus but I could not find it for Ubuntu and it didn’t really do what I wanted, namely being able to carry on browsing the same links as I was on my PC.

I also looked at Evernote. No native Evernote program for Ubuntu. You can of course use Everpad, a nice

solution but Evernote is a bit of an overkill for what I wanted.

Up until now I had resorted to emailing myself links and going to bed and reading the emails to pick up the links. Silly I know, use I hear you say. The ‘word on the street’ is that Yahoo are going to stop that, so I took a look at Google Bookmarks instead.

On the Nexus there is an app for this called: Gbookmark. So far so good. I use Firefox on my PC, so I could drag the Google Bookmark button to the toolbar. Getting better.

Even better is the way you can categorize the links on Google Bookmarks.

Google calls these Labels, but you may just think of the as tags. Give each links a number of relevant tags and a list of them is then given on the left hand side of the screen.

When you have built up a large number of links over time, finding the one you want is simplicity itself.

You can either search for the term that you want, for example: Nexus and it will show you all the links that contain the term Nexus, or you can click on Nexus on the left hand side of the screen and you only get the links you have tagged with this. This all assumes of course that you have labelled some links with the word Nexus.

Screenshot - 081212 - 22:00:52











This may not be your cup of tea mug of cocoa, but it gives me exactly what I want.

Off to bed to look for a ‘Mug of Cocoa’ App 🙂


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Expanding a Windows ex_ file in Ubuntu Linux

Today I was asked to install Windows Solitaire for a friend from her Windows XP CD.

On the cd I found the executable as sol.ex_ a compressed file.

A quick search on Google for how to uncompress or should I say expand it on Ubuntu achieved nothing useful.

The suggestion was to download sol.exe from the Internet. A dodgy thing to do as you did not know if the download file contained any malicious code.

I had to resort to native guile and cunning in which I am sadly lacking so it had to be ‘suck it and see’

The first thing I tried actually worked, so here it is:

  1. Copy expand.exe to a suitable directory on you computer, for example: games
  2. Copy sol.ex_ to the same directory
  3. Open a terminal in the directory
  4. Type: wine expand.exe sol.ex_ sol.exe and hit enter
  5. Type: wine sol.exe &

There you have it.

Now to create an icon on your desktop:

Right click on the desktop and choose: Create Launcher

In the name field type : Solitaire

In the command field click on the browse button and select sol.exe

Now here is the important bit, in the command box prefix the command with: wine followed by a space.

Choose a suitable icon, select: Use Startup Notification and click Create.


Of course you can use this process to expand any ex_ file

If you have any problems just leave a comment and like me 🙂 and I will get back to you.


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Getting developer mode on a Google Nexus 7 Android 4.2

Getting developer mode on a Google Nexus 7 Android 4.2








I eventually took the plunge and got myself a 32Mb Google Nexus 7

My choice was based upon the following

  1. Google backs it.
  2. Canonical have chosen it to release Ubuntu 12 on it
  3. It is easy to root
  4. It is easy to revert to the shipped O/S
  5. It is cool, and the right price (I.M.H.O.)

I turned it on and found developer mode so that I could root it, and went to bed.

The next day I switched it on and great, it upgraded to the new release of the OS that shipped that day.

Not so great, I went looking for developer mode to do my dirty deeds and lo and behold, it had gone.

I looked everywhere, but could not find it. Stumped!

I even tried R.T.F.M. – Computer support people will know what that means.

After much searching on the Internet I resorted to posting the problem on various BBS’s, sorry, users groups 🙂

Oooh just I hate doing that, it’s so not me. (I sound like a girly there) 😉

This is the solution for anyone lucky enough to be in the same position:

Go to settings -> About Phone, and tap it
Scroll down to build number
Tap it seven times, after the third tap you will see a dialogue that says “You are four steps from being a developer”
Keep tapping and you have got your developer settings back.

It couldn’t have been simpler 🙂

Thanks to for the info.

Now where is that spanner and wire cutters…………….


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A free money saving tip from me.

Since the EU  has dictated to us that we can no longer buy washing machines with both a hot and cold feed, I thought I would share with you my  Martin Lewis type money saving tip.

The EU says cold fill washing machines are more environmentally friendly than dual feed machines.

Huh, what do they know about washing 🙂

It costs approximately 3 times more money to heat water using electricity than gas so to get around it try the following:

Do you know what the pipe from the Poundshop costs? If so:

Ring 0909 123 456

choose from the following options:

1.    A carrot

2.    A Pound

3:    A teapot

Calls should not last longer than 60 minutes and not cost more the £200

You could win Britney Spears for a night, losers a get a week.

Johnnie foreigner knows nothing about British ingenuity 🙂

Lines close 1st Jan 2022, don’t wait,


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A payment experience – Ya, cool man, or what.

I was look at setting up a Paypal merchant account today. When going through the wizard I was offered the following:

paypal payment experience

Wow, what is a payment experience?

Do I get one when buying a tin of beans from Tesco?

“Hey man, I bought Some beans today and had a mind blowing payment experience. It was like dude,  an orgasm of monetary proportions”

Thank you Paypal, its no more crack, shit, weed, hash or vodka tampons for me!

Is it me, or do these guys live on another planet?

No, on second thoughts, don’t answer that.

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Big Bill is watching you.

Some of you may not have noticed that Microsoft have altered their terms and conditions regarding their services such as Bing, Hotmail etc, so for those people here is  a potted guide to it:

Microsoft on personal information:

Your privacy is important to us. We use certain information that we collect from you to operate and provide the services. Additionally, as part of the services, we may also automatically upload information about your machine, your use of the services and service performance

What Microsoft will do with your information:

You expressly consent and agree that Microsoft may access, disclose or preserve information associated with your use of the services, including (without limitation) your personal information and content, or information that Microsoft acquires about you through your use of the services (such as Internet Protocol address or other third party information) when Microsoft forms a good faith belief that doing so is necessary

What Microsoft does with your content:

When you upload your content to the services, you agree that it may be used, modified, adapted, saved, reproduced, distributed and displayed.

Microsoft and your voice:

If you use the voice activated search feature in the Bing application, you expressly consent to Microsoft recording and collecting your voice input.

Full terms and conditions:

Click here for the full terms and conditions.

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Aren’t People Funny

I don’t mean funny like a comedian, I mean strange, Like Bob Monkhouse, not funny 🙂

They agree that in the lottery, any number is is likely to come up as any other, but when you ask them why they don’t choose: 1 2 3 4 5 6, they say:

“Oh, they aren’t like to to come up.”


They throw away cream that has gone off, then go to the supermarket to buy soured cream.

They pour away sour wine then buy it to put on their chips.

They check the use by date on the bottle of spring water, but not when they drink it from the spring.

They boldly split infinitives where no man has split infinitives before.

They spend the first two years teaching their babies to talk and then afterwards telling them to SHUT UP!

The list is endless, any contributions gratefully received, Oh, and a joke what I have wrote (Hinckley Speak):

It is said that there are only two types of joke in the world, and Bob Monkhouse does not know any of them 😦


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The small world problem.

The other night I was watching my favourate TV program: Numb3rs, and Charlie Eppes was talking about the small world problem, which states:

‘The algorithmic small-world hypothesis” states that not
only are pairs of individuals in a large social network connected
by short paths, but that ordinary individuals can
 find these paths.’


You may know of this as ‘The Six Levels of Separation’, i.e. you can link any two people with just, six steps or less.

I thought I would try this out with Me and President Obama, so here goes:

Step 1 – I used to work with a man called Mansell Thomas.

Step 2 – His wife was once introduced to the Queen.

Step 3 – On the 11/5/2010 the Queen met with David Cameron 

Step 4 – On 13/3/2012 David Cameron met with President Obama

Wow, it works, just 4 steps between Me and Obama 😉

Give it a try, I would love to see the results.


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Been Thinking About The Number 7

Ask most people to choose a number between 1 and 10 and they invariably  choose 7.

There were 7 Dwarfs.

There were 7 in Blakes 7, and the Magnificent 7 which was based on the film: The Seven Samurai.

There are 7 deadly sins.

7 is the number of balls chosen in the national lottery (Including the bonus ball).

7 squared is 49, the number of balls in the national lottery.

7  is a prime number, and a lucas number and is equal to 2 cubed – 1, making it a Mersenne prime.

Speaking about 7 squared (49):

Tanh 49 + 6 = 7, as does ( sinh 49 / cosh 49 ) +6   –  (For all the Mathematicians reading this, Rock on Charlie Eppes)

There were 7 wonders of the ancient world.

A hexagon has 7 – 1 sides.

There are 7 different ways of linking 7 – 3  hexagons together.

When you reach 7 years old you can open a National Savings Bank account.

There was Shakespeare’s Seven Ages of Man.

Been gardening in the sun for 7 hours, perhaps that’s why, think I will go and have a lie down in a darkened room 🙂


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