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A free money saving tip from me.

Since the EU  has dictated to us that we can no longer buy washing machines with both a hot and cold feed, I thought I would share with you my  Martin Lewis type money saving tip.

The EU says cold fill washing machines are more environmentally friendly than dual feed machines.

Huh, what do they know about washing 🙂

It costs approximately 3 times more money to heat water using electricity than gas so to get around it try the following:

Do you know what the pipe from the Poundshop costs? If so:

Ring 0909 123 456

choose from the following options:

1.    A carrot

2.    A Pound

3:    A teapot

Calls should not last longer than 60 minutes and not cost more the £200

You could win Britney Spears for a night, losers a get a week.

Johnnie foreigner knows nothing about British ingenuity 🙂

Lines close 1st Jan 2022, don’t wait,


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A payment experience – Ya, cool man, or what.

I was look at setting up a Paypal merchant account today. When going through the wizard I was offered the following:

paypal payment experience

Wow, what is a payment experience?

Do I get one when buying a tin of beans from Tesco?

“Hey man, I bought Some beans today and had a mind blowing payment experience. It was like dude,  an orgasm of monetary proportions”

Thank you Paypal, its no more crack, shit, weed, hash or vodka tampons for me!

Is it me, or do these guys live on another planet?

No, on second thoughts, don’t answer that.

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