Big Bill is watching you.

12 Sep

Some of you may not have noticed that Microsoft have altered their terms and conditions regarding their services such as Bing, Hotmail etc, so for those people here is  a potted guide to it:

Microsoft on personal information:

Your privacy is important to us. We use certain information that we collect from you to operate and provide the services. Additionally, as part of the services, we may also automatically upload information about your machine, your use of the services and service performance

What Microsoft will do with your information:

You expressly consent and agree that Microsoft may access, disclose or preserve information associated with your use of the services, including (without limitation) your personal information and content, or information that Microsoft acquires about you through your use of the services (such as Internet Protocol address or other third party information) when Microsoft forms a good faith belief that doing so is necessary

What Microsoft does with your content:

When you upload your content to the services, you agree that it may be used, modified, adapted, saved, reproduced, distributed and displayed.

Microsoft and your voice:

If you use the voice activated search feature in the Bing application, you expressly consent to Microsoft recording and collecting your voice input.

Full terms and conditions:

Click here for the full terms and conditions.

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One response to “Big Bill is watching you.

  1. Pontillius

    September 12, 2012 at 5:44 pm

    Big Brother is watching YOU, Mr Purplewelshy. He knows where you live. . . . I told him!

    I use Microsoft offline only, so he will have difficulty in getting my information no matter how much he tightens the thumb-screws.


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