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Been Thinking About The Number 7

Ask most people to choose a number between 1 and 10 and they invariably  choose 7.

There were 7 Dwarfs.

There were 7 in Blakes 7, and the Magnificent 7 which was based on the film: The Seven Samurai.

There are 7 deadly sins.

7 is the number of balls chosen in the national lottery (Including the bonus ball).

7 squared is 49, the number of balls in the national lottery.

7  is a prime number, and a lucas number and is equal to 2 cubed – 1, making it a Mersenne prime.

Speaking about 7 squared (49):

Tanh 49 + 6 = 7, as does ( sinh 49 / cosh 49 ) +6   –  (For all the Mathematicians reading this, Rock on Charlie Eppes)

There were 7 wonders of the ancient world.

A hexagon has 7 – 1 sides.

There are 7 different ways of linking 7 – 3  hexagons together.

When you reach 7 years old you can open a National Savings Bank account.

There was Shakespeare’s Seven Ages of Man.

Been gardening in the sun for 7 hours, perhaps that’s why, think I will go and have a lie down in a darkened room 🙂


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Got given a new computer

Yesterday I was given a  computer to play with.

Not a good idea really, I am supposed to be moving flat next week.

Also, dentist next week, I would rather have my stomach drained with a rubber pipe whilst awake than  go to a dentist.

Todays gripe: People who say “Can I” instead of “May I”

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Decided to do at least one new thing a day

I haven’t posted for a while, been busy working on my website. from morning to night.

Today I decided to post and tweet (@purplewelshy) a gripe of the day, every day.

Also tweeted the same to Steven Fry and Fred MacAulay, and got a new follower.

My gripe of the day:

I hate: mac-salt, mac-ketchup, mac-napkin, mac-burger, mac-spoon, mac-nuggets, are they trying to brainwash us or what !!

There, I’ve said it.

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Getting there on Google

I have been watching a video on getting a high placing on the google ranking list, tried it with my site:

Bantone Associates

It is now in the top 5


Thank you,

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